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Biowasm supports many C/C++ bioinformatics tools (samtools, bedtools, bcftools, bowtie2, minimap2, fastp, wgsim, etc.) and general data wrangling utilities (jq, gawk, grep, sed, etc.)

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Who Uses Biowasm?

App Why Biowasm? Runs command-line tools in the browser to power interactive tutorials
42basepairs Runs samtools, bedtools, bcftools and other tools to preview genomic files
CZ ID Runs htsfile and seqtk to identify data issues before file upload
Nanopore Runs samtools to generate .bam files after basecalling in the browser
ViralWasm Runs minimap2 and ViralConsensus for viral molecular epidemiology analysis
Datagrok Runs kalign in the browser for multiple-sequence alignment analysis
bedqc Runs bedtools in the browser to validate .bed files
Ribbon Runs samtools in the browser to parse, estimate coverage and subsample .bam files Runs fastp in the browser to evaluate sequencing data quality